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Decorative Hooks
Decorative Hooks - Kitchen
We have a variety of beautiful designer hooks that can add style to bathrooms, dressing rooms and kitchen. We have hooks in shape of different flowers, animals with ceramic and glass breads on them. We also have coat and hat hooks and other beautifully engraved and elegant looking designer hooks.

Fire Fronts & Screens
Fire Fronts & Screens
We have a good range of fire fronts made in brass and iron. These are highly decorative and beautiful front covering for mantel. We can provide these fire fronts in different sizes and we can develop new designs on specific requirements. We also manufacture fire screens made of hand-forged steel.

Railings & Stair Case Fittings
Railings & Stair Case Fittings
We can provide custom design railings a long as 20 ft long made out of extruded brass, bronze and aluminum. We also manufacture railings fittings in different shapes and sizes and other related articles like finials, railing brackets and railing supports in different sizes and designs.